The 'SUPER POWER GOLF' Training System

get strong and go long!

Increase SWING SPEED! Develop Explosive POWER! 

Gain Massive DISTANCE!!!

End your 'frustration' about being the 'shortest' hitter in your foursome!

My 'all-new' SUPER POWER GOLF Training System reveals the simplest and most effective step-by-step training progression for developing increased swing speed, explosive power and massive distance gains... of 30 yards (or more) off the tee... in the next 30 days!


What you get...

  • The SUPER POWER GOLF Training System '75-page' digital eBook.
  • '4' weekly progressions of golf-specific, swing speed, power and distance-building exercises and swing drills. 
  • Instantly downloadable, full-color, easy-to-follow, 'custom' PDF and HD video instructions.
  • Conveniently train from the comfort of your own home, and on your own schedule.
  • Weekly 'live' Facetime, Skype or Zoom video chat support. 
  • 7-day/wk email and text support.
  • And... an 'upgrade' opportunity to join the SUPER POWER GOLF Academy 'Private' Members Area!

 FREE 14-Day Trial! 

 Get my SUPER POWER GOLF Training System TODAY... 

And, start 'crushing' your drives in 30 days - GUARANTEED!... Or your money back!

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Monthly Payment Option = $47/month

Yearly Payment Option = $397/year (Saves $167!)


 This is your access to the 'on line' Callaway Golf Fitness Training '1% Club' Membership Program

Product Detail: 

The Callaway Golf Fitness '1% Club' Membership Program provides each subscribed member with fully-remote, customized, golf-specific 'physical' fitness and 'mental' game training... plus other 'Member's Only' services that are accessed completely 'on-line' with complete, step-by-step, e-based support from Dr. Paul Callaway. 

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Monthly Payment Option = $47/month

Yearly Payment Option = 

$397/year (Saves $167!)

'Golf Mastery' e-Book

 The 'Inner Workings' of Reaching Your 'Peak' Golf Performance 

Product Detail:

This 'all new' 140-page 'GOLF MASTERY' eBook provides golfers with key information targeting the essential performance elements of golf-specific physical conditioning, mental training and swing mechanics to help golfers of all ages and ability levels 'master' their game. 

Included in the book are chapters on:

    • Golf fitness training exercises 
    • Golf nutrition, proper hydration concepts, rest and recovery 
    • Golf mental training guidelines 
    • Golf swing mechanics instructions and drills 
    • Swing faults and fixes guide for the most common swing flaws

Price: $24.97

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 Get '3' x '30-minute' golf 'mental game' consultation/coaching sessions with Dr. Paul Callaway, PT, PhD, CSPC (Certified Sports Psychology Coach) via phone, Skype, Facetime or Zoom 

Here's what your package will look like: 

    • '3' x 30-minutes of 'one-on-one' coaching with Dr. Paul - Detailed 'mental game' assessment and personalized coaching plan. 
    • Unlimited email coaching support for the duration of the package. 
    • Coaching support calls 5-10 mins before and after big competitions when needed. 
    • Comprehensive handouts and practice drills and self assessment sheets to support your program success.  

Each session will cover things like: 

    • Golf-specific mental rehearsal 
    • Relaxation skills 
    • Using positive self-talk 
    • Re-framing negative thoughts 
    • Setting process goals for each practice and each round 
    • Goal-setting using the 'Goal-Getter' Total Performance Achievement Program (Included for 'FREE' with the package!) 
    • Developing a consistent pre-shot routine 
    • Simulation training of rounds in training 
    • Body language development 
    • Staying in the 'present' and improving focus 
    • Quieting your mind and activating our body before a shot 
    • Post-round analysis (using a 'mental game' scorecard 

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'Performance Secrets of the Pros' e-Book

The 'insider' truths every golfer needs to know about golf fitness training and performance.

Product Detail:

'Performance Secrets of the Pros' is a comprehensive, A-to-Z information resource for any golfer who wants to learn how to reach their ultimate performance potential in golf. This 146-page e-Book Includes detailed information about golf-specific posture, balance, flexibility, and strength training exercises... just like the PGA and LPGA Tour pros... to help your total golf performance and prevent injuries.

Price: $29.97

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'Golf-Fit for Life' e-Book

 Product Detail:

Discover the Callaway Golf Fitness and total golf performance secrets for a lifetime of success both 'on' and 'off' the course. 'Golf-Fit for Life' delivers 86 pages of valuable content for golfers of all ages and abilities to learn about key elements of golf-specific physical conditioning, mental training, nutritional support, and effective practice strategies for optimal and safe performance.

Price: $14.97

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The 'Goal-Getter' Program e-Book

Product Detail:

The Callaway Golf Fitness 'Goal-Getter': Total Golf Goals Achievement Program is the 'most complete', simple-to-use and highly effective method for setting and achieving any golf performance goal you choose. This 58-page e-book is a 'must' for any golfer who is serious about reaching their full golf performance potential.

Price: $19.97

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Callaway Golf Fitness '4' e-Book Package

collection of Dr. Callaway's '4' most popular Callaway Golf Fitness e-Books 

Product Detail:

Qualify for the special 20% savings when you purchase all '4' Callaway Golf Fitness e-Books including: 

(1) Golf Mastery

(2) Performance Secrets of the Pros

(3) Golf-Fit for Life

(4) The 'Goal-Getter': Total Golf Goals Achievement Program

Price: $49.97  Save $40.00!!!

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Gift Certificate

 The Callaway Golf Fitness 'Gift Certificate' can be purchased for any dollar amount and be used for any/all of the available Callaway Golf Fitness Training products and services.

Product Detail:

Callaway Golf Fitness Gift Certificate

Price: $50.00 (more gift certificate price options available at check out)

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comprehensive initial Performance Evaluation and Custom Total Golf Performance Enhancement Program Design

 Product Detail:

This 120-minute comprehensive, golf-specific, initial performance evaluation objectively measures each golfer's 'physical' and 'mental' performance elements including... posture, balance, flexibility, strength, full swing mechanics, swing speed, medical history, visualization skills, concentration, focus, and confidence levels, total golf performance goals and wellness objectives. From the evaluation findings, a custom golf-specific 'physical' and 'mental' fitness training program is designed to meet each golfer's targeted needs.

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Price: $297.00

The Golf Professional's Guide to Golf Fitness Training' e-Book

Product Detail:

The 'Golf Fitness Training and Total Performance Guide' for Professional Golf Instructors e-Book is a comprehensive, 146-page instructional manual specifically written for PGA and LPGA golf instructors to help their student's recognize and develop the essential golf-specific 'physical' requirements of posture, balance, flexibility, strength and control to help total performance and prevent golf-related injuries. This E-book is a 'must have' tool for any golf coach who is looking to help accelerate their students' total performance results with reduced risk of injury.

Price: $94.97 

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The Health AND FITNESS Professional's Guide to Golf Fitness Training' e-Book

Product Detail: 

The "Health and Fitness Professional's Guide" to Modern Principles of Treatment, Rehabilitation and Total Performance Conditioning for Golfers e-Book is a comprehensive training manual for health professionals and fitness experts. This 146-page e-Book is jam-packed with the 'A-Z' elements of working with golfers to effectively manage and prevent golf-related injuries and design customized, golf-specific fitness training programs. If you are a health and fitness professional who works with golfers, you definitely want to have this information! 

Price: $94.97 

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